Education Improvement Tax Credit

For Pennsylvania Business

Pennsylvania Businesses can receive tax credits for designating a portion of their State tax to the EITC at JCS.

To find out if your business is eligible, contact JCS EITC Specialist 

Your tax dollars can go directly to the JCS Scholarship Fund providing tuition aid for Students with financial struggles.

Grey Squirrel.jpg

Thank you Dennis and Julie Zimmerman of Gray Squirrel Camp Ground for supporting JCS with your EITC scholarship contribution!

Thank you to Trevia Construction for their EITC contribution! 
These scholarship funds allow affordable tuition for families that qualify. 
JCS is so grateful for business owners that are passionate about Christian education!


JCS is once again overwhelmed by the kindness of our friends and neighbors at Rickenbaugh Building Supply! 
When you patronize Rickenbaugh Building Supply please express your gratitude to them! Thank them for their EITC contribution and for their many years of continual support to JCS.

Thank you to Abundant Blessings Thrift Shop for their generous support of JCS!
When you patronize their store by shopping or donating please thank them for valuing our mission statement and giving to our school!
We are so thankful for this partnership!