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On September 6, 1954 at 9:00 am 39 students representing 24 different families met in the former Delaware Mennonite Church building in rural Delaware township. The families were from Juniata, Snyder and Union counties and the students ranged in age from first grade to tenth grade. The school was later named Delaware Mennonite School.


 In 1980, a new organization was formed whereby the school came under the direction of an association of patrons. The school now being representative of multiple churches and congregations changed the name to Juniata Mennonite School.

Delaware Mennonite School/ Juniata Mennonite School

Solid Foundations

The School continued to grow in numbers requiring a larger facility. Land was purchased in the rolling hills of McAlisterville and construction began on what is now the present day JCS. In 1988, the doors to this facility opened with an eye on God's blessings and a faith that He would do still more to advance the spread of Christianity through the lives of our student population. 

JCS Present Day

This larger space provided for opportunity for higher enrollment and an improved learning environment. As God blessed and growth continued, the need for additional office space, library space and still more classroom space was met by an expansion of the facilities. This paved the way for the later addition of High School making JCS a K-12 school. Still being blessed by God, JCS is now Fully Accredited opening the doors of opportunity to students for College and University attendance with full recognition of JCS credentials. Truly, JCS has fulfilled our mission of bringing honor to Jesus Christ by educating with excellence and nurturing our students' God given abilities. And we partner with families, the church and the community to raise up generations of men and women with a biblical worldview who love Christ and serve others.

JCS is grateful for our Mennonite Heritage. The Mennonite traditions hold true to such principles as peace, honor, integrity and service. And we have found these same principles throughout all the congregations we have served over the years. While JCS was formed by Mennonite churches unifying to train up children, it has partnered with many other denominations over the years and indeed is representative of the unifying spirit of Christ throughout all Christians. The JCS motto is "Solid Foundations, New Horizons" which represents not only our mission of providing children with both a solid foundation in Christ with a view of Christ on the horizon, but also JCS's solid foundation in the Mennonite tradition, and the New Horizon of unifying Christians with a common goal.

"For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope."
- Romans 15:4
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