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  • Is JCS a Mennonite school?
    JCS is multidenominational featuring over 61 different churches. We were founded on solid Mennonite principles many of which still govern our practices. Although we are comprised of many denominations, we remain as we have ever been a Christian school.
  • How can I find out more about JCS?
    If this website has only served to whet your appetite, feel free to contact the office at to set up a personal tour. We would be happy to show you the school in action and give you the opportunity to talk to staff, faculty and students about specific questions you may have.
  • Are JCS students properly prepared for college?
    JCS has consistantly graduated students equal to or above the national norm. College preparedness is extremely important to us. One of the reasons JCS was awarded accreditation is because of our consistant dedication to preparation of our students for whatever they choose to do next.
  • Does JCS prepare students for the workforce?
    Not all graduates seek higher education. Many become valuable members of society by putting their God given talents to use in the workforce. JCS prepares all students for life with a Christian worldview regardless of occupation. God's principles of honesty, integrity, hard work and honor apply to our lives in all circumstances making JCS students an "in-demand" commodity for any empoyer. That said, we are dedicated to preparing students for higher learning as well.
  • Is there a strict dress code?
    JCS encourages modesty and humility in its dress code. Jeans and tee shirts (without holes)are acceptable on most days with the exception of Chapel days (Wednesdays) where dressier attire (such as that for Sunday Worship service) is required.
  • Does JCS allow school prayer?
    JCS encourages open Bible and open prayer in every classroom multiple times throughout the day. JCS is a private Christian school with the freedom to educate with a biblical worldview.
  • What are the JCS discipline policies?
    Detailed disciplinary procedures are spelled out in the student handbook. JCS follows the family values of biblical discipline relying on the principles taught in Matthew 18 on conflict resolution.
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