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Middle School Students (grades 6-8) participate in service projects within the school and sometimes within the local community during the school year. Students may be divided into cross-grade groups that travel with and are chaperoned by a JMS Staff member. Local agencies sometimes participate with these projects.

High School Students (grades 9-12) may be involved in an overnight or day service project, which may be combined with their class field trip. Every other year the junior and senior class will participate in a cross-cultural trip to Jamaica for one week during the school year. This project may be used to complete the graduation service project required for credit towards a high school diploma from JMS. On alternates years, projects range from assisting needy families in the local community, to cleaning up around the school.

Enrichment Offerings (grades 6-7): Art, Chorus, Home Economics, Technical Education.

Enrichment Offerings (grades 8-9): Art, Health, Home Economics, Technical Education.

Ministry Elective Offerings (grades 6-8): Drama or Praise Team

Ministry and Elective Offerings (grades 9-12): Choir, Drama, Praise Team, Organic Gardening, Chess, Ministry Team, Student Teacher Aids, Web Design and Yearbook.

Skill Elective Offerings (grades 9-12)Art, Home Economics, Physical Education, SAT Preparation, Technical Education, Personal Organizational Management (grades 6-12)

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